What is RSS?

What is RSS?What is RSS?

Do you want to be kept up to date on my posts here at LifeDestiny.net?

I have a couple ways for you to do this.  If you would like my posts to be delivered directly to your e-mail inbox, sign up on the right side of this page where it says “RECEIVE POSTS BY E-MAIL FOR FREE.”  Your e-mail will always be kept PRIVATE.

However, there is another way to receive my posts.  You can subscribe by RSS, read on on how to do this:

What is RSS?

RSS = Really Simple Syndication

What does RSS do?

RSS allows readers of LifeDestiny.net to receive my posts instantly to a feed reader or feed aggregator.

Where can I get RSS, or a feed reader?

To get a FREE feed reader to use the RSS technology, I highly recommend Google’s Reader.  Just go and sign up for free.

Ok, I signed up for a feed reader, now what?

  1. Now that you have signed up for a feed reader, you can now subscribe by RSS to receive posts to your favorite blogs.
  2. To receive LifeDestiny.net’s posts, click here.
  3. Another page will open.  You will notice in the upper right hand corner the page has a set of options called Subscribe Options.
  4. If you signed up using Google’s Reader like I recommended, you will want to choose the Google icon.
  5. A new page will open and ask you to “Add to Google Homepage” or “Add to Google Reader.”
  6. You will want to click on “Add to Google Reader.”  We will learn about the Google Homepage some other time.
  7. Now, bookmark your Google Reader page
  8. Whenever you want to read my posts, you can just go directly to your Google Reader page and new updates will show up.

If your  still lost, please check out more information on RSS click here and here.)

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