Warren Buffett meets Mark Zuckerberg

by Tanner M. on

Warren Buffett meet Mark Zuckerberg


 Child of Warren Buffett & Mark Zuckerberg would look like.


The Adult Offspring of Warren Buffett & Mark Zuckerberg

In the coming weeks, I will be bringing out more of my Warren Buffett meets Mark Zuckerberg vision as I begin to learn more about the economy and options we can to preserve our assets from the economic crisis.

It will be important for you to understand ways in which you can preserve and increase your assets.  This is not only impacting the United States, but is also impacting the world.

This is especially important to understand for our generation, Gen Y, because many of us are entering the work force while many baby boomers are looking to try and retire.  Instead of being reactive to the economic crisis, we are going to need to become proactive in terms of lessening the negative impact of the crisis and searching out opportunities in the world’s landscape on which to capitalize on.

The Life Destiny community and I are here to help you during these times of economic crisis.  Having said that, some more content focused on actions we can to control our Life’s Destiny (in terms of economic efforts)  instead of the government controlling it will be peppered throughout.

There might even be the possibility of a run-off site focusing squarely on how we can save ourselves, our generation, and our assets from the economic crisis because it is such a highly important topic.

If taking control of your (and your childrens/grand-childrens) life’s destiny, saving yourelf and your assets from ruin while also discovering new opportunities across the world, I suggest you join the wild and exciting adventure!

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