Video – Happy Holidays 2009!

by Tanner M. on

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! And whatever else I may have missed! Here is a short video for my readers or those of you stopping by wishing you a happy holiday!

Happy Holidays 2009 from LifeDestiny.net from Tanner Maluchnik on Vimeo.

Music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon Rock

Some quick points from the video:

• Enjoy your holiday
• Give, volunteer, do whatever but this is a time of giving
• Reflect back on 2009
• Plan for 2010 (see Setting Effective New Years Resolution Goals)
• Expect big things out of Life Destiny in 2010

Here is a fine video review of 2009 done on Google Wave (if anyone needs invites, let me know):

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