The State of LifeDestiny Address

by Tanner M. on

Treating LifeDestiny Like a Democracy without Inequality Policies

Just a prenote: My internet is currently down and posting this from School. If you do not hear from me for a few days, do not be worried! I have some BIG PLANS for LifeDestiny for when I get back. Possible BIG changes might be coming!

LifeDestiny.net is now a little over 1 month old and I feel that it has already given me back more than I could ever have imagined. Writing about my passions, things that excite me beyond anything in this world, has drastically increased the level of happiness in my life. I probably went from a 7.34 to currently sitting at around 9.27. Yes, I know those are obscure numbers, but it’s what came to my head. I am not chasing the goal of reaching a 10 on the happiness scale; I am just doing what excites me in the current moment. And right now, that is writing and sharing my passions with those who have similar passions.

What LifeDestiny Has Taught Me – 1 Month In

  • Writing – Writing has allowed me to explore my creativity, something I have been holding in all my life. I always felt that I could write, just never put in the effort. I could never express myself through art forms such as painting or drawing (am absolutely atrocious and make a 2 year old look like a damn Michelangelo prodigy). However, with some effort, I feel that writing is one of my better mediums of communication. Toughest part is just breaking through The Law of Inertia and getting started.


    I do not really have any set goals for writing, just that I get my thoughts out there for other people and for myself. Hopefully, I can look back in 3 months and 6 months and so on and say “wow, you were a really bad writer then (or wow, you really sucked at interviews and were absolutely atrocious at making videos).”

  • Networking/Friendships – LifeDestiny has taught me the powers of networking. Meeting tons of people, interviewing, and building a solid foundation for future friendships. One of the biggest determinants of happiness is the people around you.


  • Blogging is a lot of work – writing content, consistency, promoting your content, building relationships, and designing and tweaking your site designs. I find myself staying up all hours of the night working on these things, but from the tons of material I have read on blogging, this is pretty normal…At least at first. I do not mind it so far because I am passionate about what I do, so it excites me.


  • Learned more in depth about what I wrote about – I have applied and learned more about the topics that I wrote or spoke about in the past month. Reading is a big first step in learning (It has been estimated that 90% of people that buy books or other informational material to learn never get past the first chapter), then implementing and doing what you learned, and finally teaching others really helps you grasp and master materials. I have read a bunch of subjects on lifestyle design, personal development, entrepreneurship, health & nutrition, and so on, but only until I started writing and implementing what I have learned is where I really saw any progress. It is like this past month has taken a lifetime of reading and learning and finally put it into motion. I have too much excitement and passion from it all that I probably only average about 4 hours of sleeps a night because I always want to be awake and living.


Building a Democracy without Inequality

Like I mentioned when I first started LifeDestiny, I want LD to become a respectable community with those that share similar interests or passions as I write about. I have a strong vision of people coming to LD…Agreeing and disagreeing, adding to or taking away, and all sorts of other ways that a community can learn and build off each other. This vision will continue to be a passion of mine for as long as that passion burns. So for those of you currently on this journey with me, lets continue to make this vision possible!

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of LifeDestiny, which is made up of the Senate and House of Representatives are the most passionate followers of LifeDestiny.net. These are the people that are members of The Life Design Project, whether they are an interviewee of The Life Design Project Interview Series or a member of The Life Design Project Newsletter. These are the people that I first consult with on anything that may be on my mind for the overall community of LifeDestiny.net. Whether it is pre-releasing an interview from the Interview Series, providing a bonus such as a contest, or just general communication.

Powers: These people have a strong influence on what goes on here in the LifeDestiny Community based on their active engagement through commenting, the newsletter, and other means of communication.

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is currently only made up of myself. The Cabinet is also a part of LifeDestiny, however it is currently unfulfilled as the demands for one are currently not needed. Future Cabinet members could possibly be co-writers, guest posters, or other people with whom I work with directly here at the LifeDestiny Community.

Powers: Ultimately, I have the power to choose on what gets posted here and what does not.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is pretty non-existent.

Powers: Comments will be moderated slightly and Akismet (spam protection filter) is the Supreme Court.

The Power of the People

The largest majority of the LifeDestiny Community is the readers. These are the people that just enjoy stopping by from time to time to see what I, and others in the LD community, have to say. They do not really have much to say them, or do have something to say but choose not to share it, which is a right that is entitled to them. They are equally as important as the above branches based on their sheer number.

Powers: They have the power to choose what gets posted. This is based on my review of the LD Community stats. For example, if my posts on nutrition are more read by people than posts on health supplements, then I will probably post more about my passions on nutrition.

All of the above features of the LifeDestiny Community have different attributes but with the same equalities. Feel free to join along in any of the branches, they all have equal powers.

If you know someone who might be fit for the LifeDestiny Democracy, send them this way to the Land of Lifestyle Design & Personal Development Freedom! No green card needed!

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  • kruby

    Has it really one been 1 month? You've done tremendously in that 1 month, Tanner.

    It's only the beginning… :-0

  • http://lifedestiny.net Tanner @LifeDestiny.net

    Thanks a lot Karen! I am thinking about making a few little changes…We'll see.

  • http://lifedestiny.net/ TM

    Thanks a lot Karen! I am thinking about making a few little changes…We'll see.

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