The Inspiration Manifesto is NOW LIVE!

by Tanner M. on

Sorry for the confusion about taking The Manifesto live and then not live. Seemed to be some problem with people downloading the eBook. I have no included two different copies of the eBook to download, so if one does not work, the other should work.

My FREE eBook called The Inspiration Manifesto: Secret Inspirational Techniques Revealed is NOW LIVE.  Feel free to sign up to my NEW & EXCLUSIVE newsletter The Life Design Project to receive The Inspiration Manifesto for free.

I know I changed the title around a few times, but I feel this one is the best.

Who should read The Inspiration Manifesto?

The points below will guide you on whether you should read on in The Inspiration Manifesto:

  • If you want to inspire yourself to achieve greatness, then read on.
  • If you want to inspire others such as your children or employees, then read on.
  • If you want to get the most out of your life, and live your desired lifestyle, then read on.
  • If you want to be remarkable, then read on.
  • If you want to have passion in everyday life where you never want to sleep because you are enjoying life so much, then read on.
  • If you want  to inspire yourself to learn new things, become great at whatever you want, then read on.
  • If you want an abundance of energy, wealth, happiness, and health, then read on.
  • If you want to be inspired to change the world, then read on.
  • If you want to be average, work a dead-end 9 to 5 job, and continually be miserable, then read on because this guide will help to inspire you to change your mindset.

The Life Design Project Newsletter

So you may be wondering what my NEW & EXCLUSIVE newsletter, The Life Design Project, is about.

The Life Design Project is a group of people who are passionate about lifestyle design, personal development, entrepreneurship, and are looking to get the most out of their life.  These are my most passionate fans and will be part of a special group of Lifestyle Designers.  I will trust the people in The Life Design Project.

The Life Design Project will basically be a group of masterminds.  I will relay ideas, inside projects, and other inside information to The Life Design Project and hope to get feedback from the members.

Some goodies you will get out of being a member of The Life Design Project:

  • Valuable tips, ideas and information not available here on the blog
  • Inside project or something I am working on
  • A chance to be a part of something special
  • Giveaways, freebies, discount codes, and other goodies

If you are interested in a remarkable journey of lifestyle design, then please join The Life Design Project by signing up in the sidebar of this message.

My SPAM-FREE pledge to you for signing up to The Life Design Project Newsletter:

  • You will never be spammed!
  • I will never spam your account.
  • I will never release your e-mail information
  • You will always have the option to unsubscribe
  • I will not flood your e-mail inbox.  I will only most likely send out 1 e-mail a week if that.

Thanks friends!  Hope you decide to check out my free eBook and decide to join The Life Design Project!

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  • http://rosedesrochers.todays-woman.net/ Rose

    Congrats on the new book. At some point when I have time I'll sign up to read it.

    • http://lifedestiny.net Tanner @LifeDestiny.net

      Hey thanks a lot Rose! There hopefully will be sometime in the future for you.

  • http://lifestyledesignforyou.com Gordie

    I've already got my copy. Will start reading it this evening. A huge congratulations to getting your first email book out this early in your blogging career.

    • http://lifedestiny.net Tanner @LifeDestiny.net

      Hey thanks a ton Gordie! I have been working on it for a good bit here so it should be a nice easy introductory read for readers here at LifeDestiny.

  • kruby

    Congratulations, Tanner! This is quite an achievement and I'm sure the first of my of your offerings.

    Glad to see that you finally decided on a title :-)

    • http://lifedestiny.net Tanner @LifeDestiny.net

      Hey Karen, thank you so much! Also, I would like to thank you for the e-mail you sent me earlier pointing me to thae free eBook! Huge props! Hopefully you can get at least one(if not more) valuable piece of info out of The Inspiration Manifesto.

      • kruby

        No problem, Tanner. We are here to help each other. Nice of you to pave the way :-)

        Like I said, I'm sure that this will be one of many great offers from you.

        Keep up the great work.


  • toughcookie

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and I will be reading! I am a 25 y/o raw vegan graduate student (clinical social work, mental health therapy) with a progressive neurological disease. I preach positivity in my blog to my readers along with the raw vegan diet to combat disease. It has kept me going with such a painful condition.

    Happy 2010!

    <3 Maria

    • http://lifedestiny.net Tanner @LifeDestiny.net

      Hey thanks a lot Maria! I will be talking about Paleo nutrition which has a nice base in raw food.

  • http://lifedestiny.net/ TM

    Hey thanks a lot Maria! I will be talking about Paleo nutrition which has a nice base in raw food.

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