The Future of Traveling

by Tanner M. on

Throw Away Your Travel Itinerary

I am traveling in a new city. I made no previous plans. Why? Because it is no longer needed.

As I am getting off the plane, my mobile device will be alerting me, using augmented reality and the semantic web, on what places I should go to..Including where I should eat, what I should see and do, where I should sleep, and what not.

As you are traveling in space, eating at places, sleeping, and whatever else you are doing during your adventures, your travel itinerary will be writing itself for you.

Places will have tailored marketing advertisements and discounts JUST FOR YOU based on data pulled from your mobile device (including searches, interests, activities, etc..)

The world becomes a brain. It knows who you are and what you want.

Go to the airport, pick a destination, and let augmented reality and the semantic web take over.

Scary? Maybe. Possible? Absolutely.

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  • Peter Quigley

    Good way for travelling! I am just using http://well-way.com and similar services for planning my trip. Maybe i am old and conservative, but planning of your travel is a half of success. Sure, this does not apply to the spontaneous trips.

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