The Future of Driving

by Tanner M. on

Step back “Kitt” (Knight Rider).

After some examination of a wonderful book that looks at the internet and how it is evolving like a true brain (with almost infinite number of networks), Wired for Thought: How the Brain if Shaping the Future of the Internet by Jeffrey M. Stibel, I truly believe that we are more and more becoming fully reliant on technology.

We are relying more and more on technology instead of on our given intuition.

Being that I am on a augmented reality and semantic web kick, I am going to take a stab at what I think the future (near) of driving will be like.

Your car becomes a smartcar (no, not one of these ugly things), that is, it has its own neural network (or brain). This brain will develop with the increasing evolvation of augmented reality and semantic web.

Your car will know who you are…Eventually, it will be connected to your own biological brain.

Driving will become less physical (no need for gas pedals, etc..) and more mental. You will think of your speed and your destination.

Seeing as I believe marketing and advertising will be revolutionized with augmented reality and the semantic web, as you are driving down the highway, virtual billboards with tailored messages JUST FOR YOU will appear over your windows.

How will these billboards know of your interests so that they can tailor messages? The network between the billboards, your car, and yourself.

Touch the window of a virtual billboard that entices you to learn more about that speicific message.

“Welcome to Pittsburgh, Tanner! We have a wonderful special for you on your favorite Primati Bros sandwich, the PITTS-BURGHER CHEESE STEAK at $x.xx. Come in before 5:00pm and get 20% off tickets to tonights Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers game at Consol Energy Center!”

Relax, enjoy the scenary and let your car take over.

Think Big,


Update:  Wow.  I honestly did not know what I anticipated the future of driving might look like is actually already being developed.

Truthfully, I had no previous knowledge of this augmented reality windshield when I mentioned that in my post.

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