Review of “The Next Evolution of Marketing”

by Tanner M. on

The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with Your Customers by Marketing with Meaning (affiliate)

This is a recent book out by Bob Gilbreath, who is a chief marketing strategist at Bridge Worldwide.  Bridge Worldwide is one of the largest digital relationship marketing agencies in North America.

This is a new book recently released here in 2009 focusing on the shift in marketing from traditional media to what he calls meaningful marketing.  When I first bought this book, I thought it was going to focus on social media marketing but it actually does not touch on that to much throughout this book.  It focuses more on why traditional media is not working anymore citing some examples such as DVRs blocking ads and ad-blockers on our computers.

Meaningful marketing is pretty much summed up as marketing that creates and active relationship between the consumer and the brand.  He goes on to mention we need to start focusing on how our marketing improves other peoples lives.  We need to learn to give value in our marketing.  For example, a company blog that provides valuable information to consumers which builds their brand and trust thus leads the consumer to buy.

Finally, Bob goes into detail on how to implement this new meaningful marketing model to marketing experts.  Though, like I said, I was expecting this book to provide a lot more value to someone like me who is just starting out blogging looking to build my personal brand as well as Life Destiny, this book focuses more on larger organizations.  The methods he talks about are more geared toward marketing teams, although some of the ideas could be implemented to a person looking to build their personal brand.

I feel there is a lot of valuable information in this book to marketing experts, but not to the normal blogger or those looking to develop a smaller blog brand.  He provides TONS of case studies, which are really helpful in understanding the material.  If you are into organization marketing then I would check this book out.

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