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The Life Design Project Podcast

What is The Life Design Project Podcast?

As part of The Life Design Project, the podcast will feature some of the brightest Masterminds in the fields of Lifestyle Design, Personal Development, Social Media, Health & Vitality, Entrepreneurship, and Generation Y.  These people are looking to “put a dent in the world,” or already have done so.

The Life Design Project Podcast is another approach for you to become a Mastermind in The Life Design Project.  You will now be able to get wisdom from some of the brightest people in the twenty-first century right on your iPod, iPhone, iTunes, or whatever you use to listen to .mp3s or audio/video formats.

What is The Difference of the Podcast and the Interview Series?

The Podcast will be a conversation on a topic chosen by either the Mastermind Guest or myself.  The Interview Series will be an informal conversational interview to learn more about another Mastermind and will not be focused on a sole topic.

The Value of Being a Guest Mastermind on The Life Design Project Podcast:

If you enjoy talking about the above topics that are in bold, then I listeners of Life Destiny and I want to have an informal conversation with you.  PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact me and let me know some dates, times, and a short sentence or two of the topic you would like to talk about.
You as a Guest Mastermind of The Life Design Project  Podcast can benefit from our conversation by:

  • Exposure to a different audience
  • Opportunity to talk about a passion of yours
  • Learn something through the interview
  • Opportunity to reflect on the topic at hand.
  • Short biography and link to your site on this page.
  • Opportunity for YOU and I to get to know each other
  • It is fun talking about passions
  • Opportunity to be a part of something special. My vision for The Life Design Project is quite remarkable.  However, I need your help to turn it into a source of unbound and valuable information.

I hope you can see the benefit from being interviewed. I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s grow together!

The Value the Listeners Can Benefit From the Podcast

The podcast will be quite valuable to YOU, the readers/listeners. The series will be a wonderful opportunity for quite a few things such as:

  • Exposure to someone other than me
  • Opportunity to get valuable information on the go (through your iPod, iPhone, or whatever device you listen to .mp3s on)
  • Format for audio learners
  • Format for visual learners (when Podcast is done with a video)
  • Opportunity to connect with the Mastermind Guest
  • Opportunity to be a part of something special. Like I mentioned above, I plan on The Life Design Project to be a landmark for the community here at Life Destiny and you have an opportunity to be a part of that. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and for those of you that are part of The Life Design Project Newsletter will get some extra benefits. You will also have the opportunity to submit requests on people you would like to see become a guest on the Podcast. I figure to get some big name interviewees, we can bind together and make this happen.

If you are looking to get never before heard content from the Podcast, please join the members in The Life Design Project Newsletter.

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