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Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday, whether it be with your family or slothing it up on the couch watching some playoff football.

This is just a quick update for those of you to see what I will be involved with for the next 5 months. It is a look at my courses I am scheduled to take this semester, which will be my final semester in College unless I plan to pursure a Masters or PhD. As you know (if you read my About page), I am a Senior student at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Information Sciences & Technology. All 4 of my classes are related to technology and ultimately I want them to improve Life Destiny. Here is a brief description of them as well as links to them:

IST 440W Information Sciences and Technology Integration and Problem Solving (3) Problem-based approach to technology integration by focusing on real-life problems faced by an organization. – The “W” stands for writing.  I plan to learn a lot in this class about finding, creating, developing, and integrating technology solutions to real-life corporations.  Working with corporations, which we do a lot here in the College of IST @ Penn State, is such a wonderful learning opportunity of what it is like in the real-world.  It will be interesting to see which corporations we will be working with and how we can help them.

IST 431 The Information Environment (3) Survey of social environment of information technology themes: Community, sovereignty, privacy, ethics, economics, and knowledge management. – My previous semester I learned about Technology Law and I plan to learn more about how technology effects society (Twitter? Facebook? Privacy?).

Interactive Learning and Web-Design (3) Introduce students to research on-line, preparing verbal, visual and other elements for presentation of outcomes and posting them to the Internet. – I plan to learn about how to better prepare presentation information on the web.  Basically, I want to learn how to better present what I have to say and show here at LD in all mediums of communication, text, audio, and video.

Introduction to Web Design (3) A beginning level course in Web Design, with emphasis on designing with standards to assure accessibility and effective communication.Even though I have been working with HTML for over 10 years now (my first website was probably around 1996-1997), I feel that I could improve and starting with the basics never hurts.  The basics are always essential in anything in life and sometimes when we get involved so much in anything, we begin to overlook the basics.  For example a professional baseball player that forgets the basic mechanics of swinging a bat because he is more focused on hitting the ball 400 feet than making contact.

So yeah, it is all related to technology, one of my passions.  Like I said, I am hoping these classes to help in presenting LD more effectively to you all.  Do not worry, I will still be just as active in LD, if not more, than I have been.

And for those of you who might just be starting studies in College or a fifth-year senior, I will be presenting my Top 10 College Tips tomorrow for you.

I am also looking for an internship for this summer relating to the tech field (broad, right?), just if you have any connections or could point me in a direction then please contact me. I am looking to go anywhere in the world!

If yinz want to learn more about my Academics head on over to TannerMaluchnik.com, where I have compiled information I have  studied during my years @ University.

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  • http://lifestyledesignforyou.com Gordie

    Good stuff, Tanner. I reckon you've chosen an awesome major that complements blogging and online business. If I have any technical questions, you'll be hearing from me. 😉

    • http://lifedestiny.net Tanner @LifeDestiny.net

      For sure, I am here to answer any questions!

  • http://lifedestiny.net/ TM

    For sure, I am here to answer any questions!

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