Is the glass half empty or half full?

by Tanner M. on

Answering that psychological question can tell a lot about a person’s life destiny.

While I do find myself in a pessimistic mood sometimes, I am usually on the glass half full side, or the optimist.

Why do I think that? Because if I believe that the glass is half full, then to me IT IS half full. Think about it.

Defining The Glass

Here is how I define the glass based on both sides.

Scenario 1 – Half Empty Mentality

If you run into a negative situation in life, all you can think about is the negative outcomes, how it affected you negatively and how it will make your life worse in the future, then most likely the glass is half empty.

For example, you total your car in a car crash. You or the other driver made a mistake. You start flipping out about how much the other driving is an idiot or you continue to put yourself down for causing the wreck. You continue to upset and stress yourself days after the car crash because you constantly focus on the negatives such as “oh god I can’t get to work.”

Get your blood pressure checked!

Scenario 2 – Half Full Mentality

You run into a negative situation, it impacts your life negatively for the moment, however you do not dwell on the negativity that has been forced upon you. Not only that, but you focus on what went right, learn from the mistake (if there was one), and find all the positives that might come out of this negative situation.

For example, you total your car in a car crash. You or the other driver made a mistake, however you do not dwell on the mistake, you learn and move on. Instead of constantly thinking of how it is going to be so hard to get around town, you instead think of the extra time you will get to spend with whoever might be taxiing you around. Maybe you think of how much you might save in gas from taking public transportation until you get a new car.

The point is, you focus on how you can turn negative situations into positive situations.

Zen & The Art of Happiness

The awesome thing is you can develop the glass half full mentality with disciplined thought and increased awareness of your emotions.

Check out Zen And the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss for a nice resource on how to achieve the glass half full mentality and watch your blood pressure points decline!

What do you think? Is that crazy thinking? Is your glass half empty or half full? If its half full then lets hang out!

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  • Jeremymyers18

    My glass only depends on facts!if the glass was filled all the way to the to top and then half of it poured out then it would be half empty,but if it was empty and then filled up half way then it would be half full!

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  • Yoyoman


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  • pete t

    There is no judgement with Zen mind. That is something the ego does. The answer to the question is “there is water in the glass”.

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