Interview Series: Maren Kate of EscapingThe9To5.com

by Tanner M. on

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Maren Kate is a talented young entrepreneur who blogs at EscapingThe9to5.com and runs a new media marketing firm at OracleLaunch.com

She also runs PowersellerPrincess.com and TweeterPreneur.com

I was grateful to have Maren write a wonderful, bookmark worthy, and very in depth post for Life Destiny called The A to Z’s of Entrepreneurship.

Maren Kate is very talented not only in writing but also in her entrepreneur efforts. After snooping around her blog at EscapingThe9to5.com and OracleLaunch.com I knew I needed to get to know this young entrepreneur a little bit more.

As part of The Life Design Project Interview Series, I present you Maren Kate:

To Download: Right Click, Save as (27mb)

Sorry about the choppy video, first time using Vodburner.

Jump to Sections of the Interview

These timelines are based on the audio version online. They should be relatively close in the video version; the video version is probably around 15 seconds earlier.

  • 1:20: Who is Maren Kate and what does she do?
  • 2:30: About OracleLaunch.com
  • 3:50: Employees-Mobile business model benefits
  • 5:34: Collaboration tools for mobile business models
  • 7:23: Business licensing
  • 7:50: Typical day as the owner of OracleLaunch.com
  • 8:35: About PowersellerPrincess.com
  • 9:31: About TweeterPreneur.com
  • 10:43: About EscapingThe9to5.com
  • 11:30: Monetizing EscapingThe9to5.com
  • 14:25: Objectives of EscapingThe9to5.com
  • 15:48: Some blogs Maren Kate enjoys
  • 15:58: Viperchill.com, Glen Allsopp selling PluginID
  • 18:20: College life
  • 19:30: Who knew personal detail about Maren Kate
  • 20:19: Goals for OracleLaunch.com
  • 21:55: How to contact Maren Kate
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  • Thanks for sharing Maren's story. We can always learn from the experiences of others.

  • TM

    No problem Alex and thanks for stopping over. So true learning from others is key to evolving and growing.

  • Very cool interview! I just found her blog the other day and can't wait to read more.

  • TM

    Hey thanks for stopping over Mary! Glad you enjoyed the interview! You have a pretty sweet blog yourself!

  • Excellent interview.

    I really like how she has plans of raising the bar by making $40,000 by early this year and then selling for a million, I believe she said. That's some great things she's looking at doing.

    I also like her idea on the monetization for EscapingThe9to5.com she has because the way I see it there's no right or wrong way to build a profitable blog but having a lot of trusting loyal fans of your blog definitely makes the process much smoother for turning a profit vs. just slapping ads up and hoping to make a sale the next day.

    Great interview once again, Tanner.

    Looking forward to more of what you have coming at LifeDestiny.net.

    Re-Tweeting now... It's well worth it! :)

  • TM

    Thanks a lot Eric! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

  • Thanks, your advice for tools and how to set up a business with low overhead were invaluable:)

  • TM

    Hey Lis, thanks for stopping over!

    Glad you picked something up out of the interview...Maren definitely throws out some gems.

  • Interesting :) Was definitely cool finding out more about Maren

  • TM

    Hey Heather, thanks for checking out the interview with Maren! I look forward to seeing you over at the InfoPreneur forums.

  • Back at you :)

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