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Since I received some e-mails on my post Intermittent Fasting: Eat Whatever & Whenever to Lose Weight regarding on how to go about starting this unorthodox nutrition program, I figured I would direct everyone to an excellent resource for all of you.

Martin Berkhan from LeanGains.com recently posted his Intermittent Fasting Guide.  Pretty much the basics of Martin’s approach to Intermittent Fasting are provided in the guide.

If you are serious about starting this nutrition lifestyle design that has changed my life, I recommend you read through this guide (and the comments), his blog, and also try working your way through the 200 or so pages of IF’in discussions at BodyBuilding.com forums.

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    We need to have proteins, carbs, more calories in our diet especially for those who are lean and weak. Use of juices, fruits and vegetables is the best way because these are full of proteins and vitamins and our everyday life need.

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    The Paleo Diet was developed by a man named Walter L, Voegtlin who was a gastroenterologist in the mid 1970's. He put together a simple diet plan that resembled many of the foods that the caveman ate during the Paleolithic Era. The caveman or early man lived 10,000 years ago to 2.5 million years ago in the period known as the Paleolithic Era.

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    Thanks for the guide!

  • http://www.worldclasslasik.com/manhattan-lasik-center-must-ask-questions More About Lasik

    Thanks for the guide!

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