How to Write an eBook and Become a Serial Writer

by Tanner M. on

I always like reading about other peoples writing styles and how they map, think, and distribute their fine pieces of work.

Many journalists, writers, bloggers, and others commit to an editorial schedule. That is, they plan out their content and when they will write and distribute it.

Serial Writer

I tend to take a different path.

Yes, I have tons of post ideas and usually jot them down in a moleskin or if I am around my laptop into Microsoft OneNote (truly one of my favorite Microsoft products).

However, I do not keep an editorial schedule. I tend to write in batches, as do some others I know.

At some point during the week, I will sit down and committ to just start typing. That is what it takes for me to get some creative juices flowing which is the hardest part for me.

Once I start moving my fingers, I tend to not stop for awhile. The ideas I will be writing about will usually just come as I am typing.

Before you know it I will have written 3 or so articles in one sitting.

I guess you could call me a serial writer, though I am usually consistent on at least 3 posts a week.

From idea to eBook

Funny thing is, I will start out with a topic in mind but as I am writing I tend to veer off into a whole new topic.

If I need to map out a topic I want to write about and need to organize my thoughts, I use the mind-map technique on a whiteboard that is plastered to my wall right behind my desk.

For example, my eBook The Inspiration Manifesto started out as just a post idea on inspiration. After mindmapping what I wanted to talk about, I realized I had 2 whiteboards full of different ideas and realized this was going to be more than just a single post.

As I started writing on Inspiration, I found I had about 20 pages of content and figured I would package it into an e-book that will help build my e-mail list, The Life Design Project.

The Inspiration Manifesto has helped a ton in growing my e-mail list and have some great interaction with those in the list whenever I send out a message.

Usually I will share my notes on a book or something of that nature that I do not release here on Life Destiny.

I know a lot of bloggers follow Life Destiny and am wondering, how do yinz write?

Think Big,


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