How to Relax and Avoid Stress during the Holiday Season

by Tanner M. on

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5 reasons why many people are stressed during the holiday season and 7 tips on how to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

It is that special time of year where friends and family come up with brilliant ideas as gifts to give to other people.  Around this time of year, many people become quite joyous, festive, spirited, and happy.  They are shopping to find that perfect gift for that special someone.  They look for ideas to give as gifts to friends and family.  But with this joy, can also bring stress.  Why are we stressing during a time of giving?

5 Reasons Why Many People are stressed During the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can bring with its joys a huge amount of burden and stress upon individuals.  In order for us to learn to how to relax and enjoy the Holiday season, we must first understand why we become stressed.  Let us take a look at some of the main reasons:

  1. Loneliness – For many people in this world, the holiday season brings a strong feeling of loneliness.  They begin to feel a sense of emptiness in their lives.  These empty feelings could be based on not having a significant other to share the joys with, a family to sit with and laugh, or friends to gather with to watch A Christmas Story for the 10th time of the year(with all of them coming in the past 5 days).  This individual might have just went through a divorce or has recently moved across the country away from family or friends.  Whatever the situation may be, they just feel empty when they believe they should feel full.
  2. Hectic holiday shopping – From the day Black Friday all the way until Christmas Eve(and even after Christmas for the various returns and what not), it seems that every brick and mortar shopping location you go to is packed full of frantic and fast paced shoppers.  People trying to jump lines and rushing around to get the “best” gifts before they are gone.  It seems as if everyone is shopping as if they were contestants on Supermarket Sweep.
  3. Money – The economy is not pretty right now and many people are finding themselves really short on money for gifts this year.  Many people just do not have enough to give this year like they normally do and this leads to stress on what to do.
  4. Family – Family can also be stressful for a lot of people.  Having to choose between which family to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years with.
  5. Gift-giving fear – Many people experience a sense of fear during the season.  They fear that the gift they spent so much time, money, or thought into will not be good enough to satisfy the recipient.  Like the stress of money above, they fear they are not putting in enough money into their gift.  They constantly second guess what they should get…”Should I get this gift or that gift, maybe I should take this gift back and get a different one, maybe I should get them a couple gifts, how much should I spend?”

7 Tips on How to Relax and Enjoy the Holiday Season

  1. Give – One way to void that emptiness feeling you might be experiencing during the season is to give.  If you are lonely, you might think “what if I have no one to give to?” There are many other ways to give than having to have that special someone or family around.  Give by volunteering to help others.  If you are religious, go to your religious setting and be around the other people who have no one to turn to.  Self-help guru, Tony Robbins, built his foundation in life on giving to others.  He started by delivering a turkey dinner to a family in need and has since grown to feed millions of people every year.  You never know how much giving can change people’s lives until you do it.  Give to take away the emptiness.
  2. It is okay to be alone – If you are feeling lonely, learn to understand that it is ok to feel alone during this time of the year.  Accept it and use it to your advantage by doing the things I said about giving.  If your creative, you can use this time to develop your creativity by writing  or whatever creative aspirations you have.
  3. Shop online – Nowadays, you can get all your shopping done on the internet through sites such as Amazon and Buy.  Head over to SlickDeals.net where you will find tons of new deals on many different items from tech gadgets to clothing to whatever it is you may be looking for.   This will not only spare you the hectic brick and mortar shopping but can also significantly save your money.
  4. Enjoy shopping – If you do decide to go the brick and mortar shopping way, learn to enjoy it.  Slow down when going through the shopping mall.  Check out the many different items.  Go during the down times, which are rare during the season.  Many shopping locations have extended hours during the season. Take advantage of them and go very early in the morning and/or later in the night as these tend to be less crowded. Quick tip on Wal-Mart shopping – If you plan on going into Wal-Mart to get a few items (10 items or less), park by the auto repair center (most Wal-Marts now have one of these).  This is usually located around the side or back of Wal-Mart.  They have a customer entrance there and can also check out at the auto repair section if you have 10 items or less.  This is convenient because the parking here is never full, beats sitting in traffic and finding a parking spot, never any lines to checkout, and easy access to get in and leave the parking lot.
  5. Be creative about your gift – This should not only be true if you are low on money, but should be true whenever you’re investing resources into a gift.  You do not need money to invest creativity and thought into a gift.  If you’re artistic then consider designing some thoughtful art.  If you can write, consider writing a thoughtful letter.  Google for creative and cheap gift ideas, there are tons of them out there.
  6. The Old Saying: “It’s the Thought That Counts” – It is true.  Do not continually second guess yourself on your gifts to people.  If you put in thought and an ounce of creativity then you have done enough.  Learn to let go and be confident that the person will be thankful for the gift.  This is true in 99% of the cases and the other 1% is usually the spoiled little kid.
  7. Be grateful – Finally, learn to be grateful.  Enjoy what those around you have to offer you.  Thank people for taking the time to think of you as someone special.  You should do this in all aspects of your life.  You should thank people anytime someone does any kind of deed for you.  Thank those that open the door for you…Thank your mailman..Thank that kindest old lady at the grocery store.  You never know how far a kind compliment and thank you can go in someone life.

Final Thoughts

This is a time of year for us to reflect on the past 365 days.  Look at the changes you have made in your life for the better.  Sit down and think on how you can better yourself for the next year.  Write down all the accomplishments you had and what you want to accomplish in 2010.  Have a Happy Holidays everyone!
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  • Well, celebrating holiday is about sharing! It's up to you how you make your holiday enjoyable and feel the spirit of love and happiness. Being alone really happens to everyone. It's normal! Just think about the positive side of life. Anyway, just be careful about buying items as presents for your friends and loved ones, especially when buying online! It would be good that you have knowledge in certain items to ensure they passed the quality standard.

  • Hey,

    I thank you for this article.

    Stress is mostly in one’s mind and depends on many aspects.
    I encourage everyone to learn a bit about the reasons and background of stress, so you can understand how to avoid it.

    This article for example will give you an idea how it is possible to avoid stress: http://fr.ee/article/5-things-...

    All the best

    Martin White

  • TM

    Thanks Martin, will check it out!

  • TM

    Thanks for stopping by Rose! Read your stressful situation on your blog. Left a little advice, hopefully that will better suit you!

    Cheer Rose!

  • What wonderful suggestions for managing stress during the holidays. Sadly none of them will work for me. You see...

    Hold that story. Think I'll blog it.

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