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Guest Articles I Have Done for Other Sites:

  1. How to Free Up Your Lifestyle Design |  Lifestyle Design for You
  2. How Self-confidence Can Strengthen Your Lifestyle Design And Personal Development |  Lifestyle Design for You
  3. Personal Development By George Clooney: Speech From “Up In The Air” |  Lifestyle Design for You

Mastermind Posts for Life Destiny:

  1. The A to Z’s of Entrepreneurship by Maren Kate of
  2. Testing Your Lifestyle Design Plan by Richard Adams of Lifestyle Design Unleashed

Become a Guest Mastermind for Life Destiny:

Hello interested Mastermind,

If you feel that you have some gem-worthy information that is relevant to the Life Destiny community, then feel free to submit your article or contact me.

Benefits of Submitting a Guest Mastermind Post:

  • Increased exposure
  • Exposure to a different community
  • Interaction with a different community
  • Feedback from different community
  • Increased credibility
  • Increase exposure of your “brand”
  • Opportunity to network with the Life Destiny community and me
  • Future reciprocation from me
  • Helping out a fellow blogger
  • The Life Destiny community values quality content

Think Big,


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