Going All In Or Nothing & Setting Priorities

by Tanner M. on

Do you go all in?

Some of us have a tremendous ability to balance things while others find it difficult to spread themselves thin.

Both types have their pros and cons.

While I do pride myself, along with the rest of Generation Y, on my ability to multi-task (whether that is a good thing or not is not determined), I do find myself becoming “too immersed” in certain things while ignoring others.

For example, whenever I set a goal I will completely immerse myself into achieving that goal no matter what. This can be a good thing as it requires dedication and persistence, however, it can also be a bad thing.

When you completely dedicate just about 100% of your time to achieving a specific goal, you can sometimes overlook some of the important things in life.

Another example of how I sometimes will forget some of my priorities in life when set to achieving a goal happened the past few months:

Before I started Life Destiny, I set out to learn as much as I can about what makes an excellent blog tick. I literally read books upon books, watched hours of keynote presentations (check out my favorite by Gary Vaynerchuk at Web 2.0), studied the most successful blogs, and more all before I even had an idea of what I wanted to write about. Practically, my entire days were devoted to setting up Life Destiny and learning from the best, picking what I liked and ignoring the rest.

This helped me achieve a rather successful (based on my idea of success) blog in a short amount of time. However, I was completely neglecting health and fitness.

No, I did not turn into a fat blob from sitting all day, I actually lost a significant amount of weight because I was not eating enough.

Gradually I was dropping weight but losing a significant amount of lean muscle mass that I worked years on to develop starting around 7th grade when I first started training for football.

My priority of staying in top physical shape was pushed aside by my desire to launch a successful blog that would not only change my life but others as well.

Luckily, I am beginning to realize that I need to become more disciplined to my set priorities.

Pretty much my point of this entire post is that a lot of us are programmed to go ALL IN while others can mix it up. Finding a delicate balance between your priorities should be a priority in and of itself.

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