Getting Every Penny Out of Your Tuition

by Tanner M. on

As part of my graduation week, I want to add and expand on one more new tip from my Top 10 College Tips post, that I think are really important for yinz to get the most of your highly expensive tuition.

College is one of the most expensive investments in your life, but it can pay off throughout your entire life.

Apply for Financial Aid on January 1st

Yes, January 1st if the first day you can apply for financial aid for the following school year.

Why do I suggest applying as soon as possible for your financial aid?  From experience and also from other people, it seems the earlier you apply, the better chance you will receive a large amount (if you qualify) for financial aid.

If you or your parents make a significant source of income, it is still highly recommended that you apply for financial aid as quite a few factors go into determining your Estimate Family Contribution (EFC) such as your year in college, what university you are attending, your enrollment status, and the cost of the college.

Also, many private schools factor their private grants and scholarships in with the financial aid.

Getting Involved

You will have PLENTY of time (unless you are a nursing or doctoral student) to sit around and check Facebook 5,000 (or more) in a day.  If you do not have something to keep your interested and busy then you will become bored.  Becoming bored is not a great thing in college since that usually will lead to increased eating of the unhealthy commons food and possibly an increase in alcohol and/or drug consumption.  Both of those things are likely to spiral into putting on the college pounds of fat and probably tanking your GPA along with your overall health.

Ever notice when you go home for breaks that some, if not most, of your friends seemed to blow up? I know because I blew up for awhile after my sophomore year when I did nothing.  Finally, I decided to get a little more serious and developed an exercise plan (#4 on my Top 10 College Tips) and also got involved with a few more activities.  Grades started climbing back up and weight started climbing back down.

I know this sounds cliche to get involved while in college but you have to trust me on this one.  While spending two years at my previous university, I was not involved with really any activities except for the American Marketing Association which did not consist of much of anything.

At PSU, I got involved a little more heavily with the PSU Cheerleading team.  It had its pros and cons, but one thing was for sure, I was busy pushing myself to the limits both mentally and physically, and it was all worth it.

I regret not getting involved a little more heavily.

Get involved in as much as you can handle.  No more, no less.  If getting involved with activities, intramural sports, or whatever it may be is hampering your grades then drop it and keep what you can handle.

I plan on adding more tips and thoughts this week for those of you currently in college or plan to attend college shortly.  Be sure to stop back!

Also check out some of my other college posts.

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  • Shirley

    Bored? BORED?? BORED?!?!? If you're bored in college, man, you're DEFINITELY doing it wrong….

  • Shirley

    Bored? BORED?? BORED?!?!? If you're bored in college, man, you're DEFINITELY doing it wrong….

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