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Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV

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What is Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV?

As part of The Life Design Project, Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV will mainly feature my journey of transitioning from a full time college student to aspiring and hopefully successful web entrepreneur.

Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV will be as follows:

Project: Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV

Problem: A lot of people do not know the steps to starting a business.  This will provide a real-world example for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about.

Solution Idea: Detailed documentation of my transition of college life to aspiring entrepreneur based on starting and developing a Social Media/Web Consultant Company.

Why: It will document how I both transition from being a full-time college student to my graduation (Planned May of this year) to either becoming a 9 to 5 grinder, or a thriving entrepreneur building and developing my Social Media/Web Consulting Company.  I am both formally and informally trained in social technology through my major of Information Sciences & Technology at Penn State University and also through this blog platform.

Goal: To inform, educate, inspire, provide real-world analysis, and entertain people (mainly Younger entrepreneurs) of a real-life look at a college student and his attempt at entrepreneurship.  By seeing my successes and failure will better educate and inform aspiring entrepreneurs out there looking to take the next step in their life.

How:  Mainly through Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV posted on and also to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites.  I have a few other sites registered at,, and  If this show becomes successful, it might possibly get switched over to the sites named and will be a second home to me.  If this happens, I plan on running the sites with other young entrepreneurs.

Who:  Will mainly be myself, since I am the only “employee” of my soon to be company.  However, podcast and videos will also be utilized to talk with other aspiring entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs “How they did it.”

Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV is another approach for you to become a Mastermind in The Life Design Project.

How You Can Get Involved with Gen Y Entrepreneurs TV

Like I mentioned above, I have a few domain names registered and am looking to build off this show into a platform community built around Young and Gen Y Entrepreneurs. If you are interested in possibly getting involved with this project, read on:

1. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur (Could also just be business related such as social media marketing, technology, etc…), Become a guest or an interviewee. If it works out, you could even become a regular guest and we could have basically a Gen Y Entrepreneurs Talk Radio/Video Show.

3. Help promote the show: If you feel someone might enjoy the videos/podcasts/posts, spreading the knowledge to them would not only help me out but also you and the receiver.  If this show is informative and worthy, by sending it to someone who might find it interesting will provide you with credibility and the receiver with new information.

4. Choose topics: By signing up for The Life Design Project Newsletter, you can provide topics and who you would like to see me try and get as an interview or guest host.

5. Provide any ideas: Send me any ideas of what you think about the project and changes I should suggest.

6. Become a contributor: If you like the idea of a Gen Y Entrepreneurs community, then shoot me an e-mail and lets discuss where we can take this project.

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