A Journey from Your Current Lifestyle to Your Dream Lifestyle

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What Is Life Destiny: Experimenting with Healthy Lifestyle Design and Personal Development?

Life Destiny is a community to bring people together who want to develop a lifestyle design based on their own terms of goals, health, happiness, and success.

Mission of Life Destiny – Lifestyle Design and Personal Development

The mission of Life Destiny is to inspire individuals to pursue their idea of a healthy lifestyle design and personal development techniques in everyday living.
Life Destiny will focus on topics that help support healthy lifestyle design and personal development including:

• Self-improvement
• Habits
• Self-Discipline
• Nutrition
• Fitness
• Psychology
• Finance
• Philanthropy
• Reviews
• Interviews
• Profiles
• Inspirational
• Supplementation
• Entrepreneurship
• Guest posts from leaders in Lifestyle Design
• and other topics about being emotionally happy and stress-free.

My posting schedule will aim to not overwhelm you with information overload, but provide a nice balance of valuable information.

I would like to mention that I am not perfect and nor do I know all the answers to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle design.  However, I am quite passionate about healthy lifestyle design and personal development. Throughout the course of my life, I have gathered quite a resource of lifestyle designs and personal development information and continue to do so. So I bring you Life Destiny, which will hopefully help both you and me build habits to a happier lifestyle. Sharing what we learn everyday will be both useful for you and me. Life Destiny is a community for both you and I to learn off each other. Life Destiny is experimenting with quality of life to take control of our destiny.

I appreciate and encourage readers of Life Destiny to comment and share with others and myself. This will be valuable in our learning while seeking to build a respected community of those seeking to improve their healthy lifestyle designs and personal development. You can also contact me for any reason.

Any mentions of products or affiliates will be introduced and mentioned CAREFULLY. If I truly have used them and find them valuable in attaining my goals or my intended lifestyle design.

Get excited and join along for a fascinating lifelong journey of challenges and opportunities!

About Tanner

Living Dream

While I was busy growing up balancing hockey, baseball, football, friends, family, school, and other responsibilities, I found myself quickly learning how to use the computer for more than just entertainment purposes. Around 10 years old, my first of many items sold on eBay. Around 12 years old, following the ease of being able to sell on eBay along with my huge interest in business, technology and an entrepreneurship, I decided to design and develop my own web sites to sell items. Learning a foundation in marketing, business, and technology skills has helped garner me a large sum of money for a kid who was not even a teenager yet. Since then, my interest in business and technology has grown immensely.

Around my sophomore year of high school, I developed a keen interest in personal development and healthy lifestyle design. Reading, listening and absorbing every piece of information I could find around my father’s library. Biographies on successful people such as JFK and Vince Lombardi, personal development audiotapes such as Tony Robbins series, money management books including Robert Kiyosaki, inspirational and persistence books such as Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” Now it the advent of the internet and its large amounts of communication tools, information can be found everywhere. That is why developed Life Destiny, to bring together the large amount of resources and information on healthy lifestyle design and personal development.

I am also very passionate about the benefits of exercise on the body, mind and soul. Working out has helped me in many ways from my physical wellness to my emotional and mental wellness.

I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student, majoring in Information Sciences & Technology with an emphasis in Integration and Application, at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus. My plans are to graduate in May 2010 and pursue a career in information technology, personal development coaching, person fitness training, and building and maintaining this blog into a respected community.

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