Cool College Startups

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Cool College Startups

Being at one of the largest universities in the country at Penn State, you get to experience tons of unique and interesting things.

From a person in a gorilla suit riding a bike down the street saying have a good day to everyone, to numerous activist campaigns, to neat startups.

Just looking around the campus at Penn State, there are a few startups that caught my eye and probably could be duplicated in other large university areas.


The first is LionMenus.com.

Basically this website allows users to order food from just about every restaurant in the State College area.

However, what attracts me to use LionMenus is that I can view menus of just about every restaurant in the area regardless of if they have an actual website or not (which surprisingly a lot do not have any web presence at all except for being on LionMenus.)

Mmm…Going to order D.P. Dough right now!

The Lazy Lion

I ran out of clean socks and have been wearing the same pair for 3 days (not really).  I hate doing laundry and sometimes screw it up.  And to add on top of that, the dryer in my apartment building sucks.

This is a laundry service that is focused on people like me who are too lazy to do laundry consistently. Thus, I find myself running low on socks and sometimes wearing them a couple days in a row (I’m a man).

From The Lazy Lion website

“The Lazy Lion knows how tedious the job of doing laundry can be, so we developed a Laundry and Delivery service to take away all of your worries. Conveniently located in downtown State College, The Lazy Lion Student Laundry Service accommodates all Penn State students in the State College and University Park area. Our mission is to make your life easier and to enhance your college experience. Don’t spend unnecessary hours doing laundry, instead…

Sit back, relax, and let the LAZY LION handle all your dirty work.

Now you will have more time to study, hang out with your friends, and PARTY!

Lazy Lion Student Laundry and Delivery Service for Penn State Students is a dream come true!”

Pretty sweet. They even dry, fold, and deliver the laundry for you!

It is like my own trophy wife!

Grocery U

It is quite expensive to have a parking spot on campus or in the surrounding Penn State area.

So getting to a grocery store can be a hassle for many students who want other options that eating out all the time or for students eating in the university’s dining halls.

This is where Grocery U comes in. From the Grocery U websiste:

“You never have to drive to the grocery store, wait in line, or carry grocery bags again! Start grocery shopping anytime or anywhere with just a few clicks of the mouse. Order with ease and get your groceries delivered to you fresh at the time you choose. We offer some of the best prices in and around State College while still assuring excellent quality. Time is money and we’ll save you both! “WHERE WE SHOP FOR U!”

I have never used Grocery U as I do not have this problem, but could see it being used.

Final Thoughts

Penn State University is a very diverse college and culture so there are tons of other niche type stores around the State College, PA area such as headshops (for drug paraphernalia, not that I am into that), to Cheese Shops, Greek Pizza, Indian restaurants, Insomnia Cookies, etc..

For those of you attending college or in a large university area, think of all the possibilities of problems where you could find solutions and start a business around.

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