Building Personal Brand With Social Media, GaryVee, & Hustling

by Tanner M. on

I figure we would start the week off with a little kick in the ass from one of my idols, Gary Vaynerchuk.

This video has been one of the main driving forces behind the philosophy Life Destiny.

Instead of chatting about the video, take 15 minutes of your life to watch this (if you have already seen it, watch it again). I promise most of you will enjoy it (some people do not like GaryVee’s straight forward attitude, I love it), and it will open most people’s eyes.


One of the key points I want yinz to take away from this video is the idea of hustling. Hustling in the sense of working your butt off. No matter what you are doing, give a full 100% to it.

Ever since I was a child, my father ingrained in my siblings the importance of always be hustling in sports. Always be giving 100% of yourself to every single thing.

In Little League it was hustling on and off the field between innings, constantly having your head in the game, getting your uniform and not washing it while you were on a winning streak (superstition). In football it was hustling and being the first on the practice field and never taken a snap off. In hockey, it was constantly giving it your all in every shift.

And you know what, it paid off.

The importance of hustling is underrated in my opinion (and Gary’s too).  Hustling means you are hungry to be #1.  Hustling means you want to be the best.

People are always trying to look for shortcuts in life. Sorry to tell yinz, but you will not find that.

The great thing is, when your constantly hustling, great things will happen in your life.  Opportunities will constantly be arising.

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